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Hilcom provides all phases of selective interior demolition including utilities, walls, ceilings and floors.

Garage Demolition

A fully-licensed and insured company, Hilcom can handle an extensive range of garage demolition requests.

Bathroom Demolition

Bathroom demolition can be tricky. Generally speaking you’re stripping down to studs which means removing tile, gyprock…

Chimney Removal

Taking out a chimney is not something most people want to tackle. That’s where we come in!

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Live Green with Solar Panels

We all know how important it is for one to take a step in living green these days. Aside from conserving water, there is also one thing that we can use to save energy and the environment. Solar panels brisbane are a great tool when it comes to conserving energy and saving money at the same time. This solar panel takes out the unnecessary expenses out of electricity costs.

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The good thing about this solar panel is that they are very easy and quick to install. Most companies that produces energy to many homes use fossil fuels. This fuel emits gas that can harm the environment and the health of many people as well. What's more is that, these fossil fuels are non-renewable; this means once these fossils will run out in a given time. If you do not wish for these things to happen, it's best that you start looking for ways in conserving energy now.

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