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Hilcom provides all phases of selective interior demolition including utilities, walls, ceilings and floors.

Concrete Removal

Concrete removal requires much more than a few men with hardhats and jackhammers.

Bathroom Demolition

Bathroom demolition can be tricky. Generally speaking you’re stripping down to studs which means removing tile, gyprock…

Pool Demolition

On the market for a new pool? Hilcom Demolition offers comprehensive pool demolition…

Garage Demolition

g07ir42xgsiA fully-licensed and insured company, Hilcom can handle an extensive range of garage demolition requests. Whether it’s the removal of a single shed in Hamilton or a two-storey garage in Toronto, Hilcom will oversee the project with professionalism and expertise to ensure the job gets done right. Contact our team today to see how Hilcom’s full-scale, demolition services can better assist your needs: 647-300-0774

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