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Hilcom provides all phases of selective interior demolition including utilities, walls, ceilings and floors.

Concrete Removal

Concrete removal requires much more than a few men with hardhats and jackhammers.

Kitchen Demolition

Looking to refurbish your kitchen? Let the professionals at Hilcom demolish…

Garage Demolition

A fully-licensed and insured company, Hilcom can handle an extensive range of garage demolition requests.


Hilcom Demolition provides a demolition service you can trust!

Whether you’re an individual needing demolition, or a contractor who would like to regularly sub out this portion of the job, we can help.

We take pride in the work we do. Each and every job begins with a consultation to 100% nail down the parameters of the job. It goes without saying, that when it comes to demolition, you need to know from the beginning what’s going and what staying and everybody on the job site needs to fully understand the scope of the job. We take great care where great care is needed in order to remove what’s necessary, while leaving the rest intact and undamaged.

We can handle all the details for you from planning, to execution, to removal garbage and debris at competitive rates.

We can handle jobs at just about any size, from small to extremely large. Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone for a friendly conversation and to schedule a free quotation.


Recent Client Feedback

We’ve used Hilcom Demolition on four of our recent projects. Simple & plain, they make our lives a lot easier & I wish we’d found them sooner.

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220 Duncan Mill R, Toronto ON

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You Should Decide on Hilcom Demolition?

Around Hilcom Demolition we do take becoming a demolition company exceedingly sincerely. All of us recognize that undeniably any time consumers are looking to get a top-notch kitchen demolition expert in Ontario people require the ideal. That's why we truly try to be the best demolition company we all could possibly be around Ontario. It is our commitment to really remaining the winner that has generated us very high esteem here with our valued clients.

Being a top-notch kitchen demolition expert in Ontario we also invariably aim to invest time to unravel all our clienteles' questions with great diligence and devoid of waiting. All of us inevitably put in the time. We all feel it's incredibly crucial to ensure that customers feel really recognized and looked after.

Certainly, there really are not a lot of demolition company that currently have the skills combined with know how to identify their business as being pioneer inside their niche. Incorporate this along with a great amount of purchaser support and we feel we are the greatest top-notch kitchen demolition expert in Ontario inside Ontario.

Looking to begin?

It all gets underway with a telephone call.

Call 647 300 0774.

We will be happy to go over all your present demolition company questions at length over the phone or maybe by way of e-mail in case that works better in your case. Following this we can suggest the solution that best satisfies your current goals. Discover exactly why people refer to us as the most effective top-notch kitchen demolition expert in Ontario!

Still Require Convincing? All the Outstanding Reasons Hilcom Demolition is really A Top-notch Kitchen Demolition Expert In Ontario

Dedication to Elite Quality - A Top-notch Kitchen Demolition Expert In Ontario and A Top-notch Kitchen Demolition Expert In Ontario

Our commitment to higher quality is remarkably significant. If you are wanting to become a top-notch kitchen demolition expert in Ontario or a top-notch kitchen demolition expert in Ontario, there's seriously not one other alternative but to really do your absolute best to outshine. If perhaps a specified purchaser needs more care, we all afford that client additional care. Nearly anything to be able to make sure they will be happy with all of us as a demolition company. Know, we work in most of Ontario, so make sure you contact us.

Willpower - A Top-notch Kitchen Demolition Expert In Ontario and A Top-notch Kitchen Demolition Expert In Ontario

Many customers have occasionally described our team as a top-notch kitchen demolition expert in Ontario, a top-notch kitchen demolition expert in Ontario, a top-notch kitchen demolition expert in Ontario combined with the ideal Ontario area demolition company you can find! Honestly that doesn't occur unless there is unbelievably diligent labor along with resolve for the clientele and also the top quality found within your work. Whenever you're searching to obtain a top-notch kitchen demolition expert in Ontario, all of us truly feel that we're really the better selection. Call Hilcom Demolition to talk about your current situation immediately! 647 300 0774.

Experience - A Top-notch Kitchen Demolition Expert In Ontario and A Top-notch Kitchen Demolition Expert In Ontario

In any given niche, expertise certainly is a primary factor in relation to success. If perhaps you might be requiring a top-notch kitchen demolition expert in Ontario, this point is certainly far more real. As a demolition company, we will certainly convey to anyone firsthand how the actual outcome is undeniably influenced simply by the working experience of the business that you're contracting. The undeniably huge magnitude of knowledge that Hilcom Demolition has got in being a top-notch kitchen demolition expert in Ontario, is actually the reason anyone must trust us for your invaluable critical requirements. If you might be wanting for a top-notch kitchen demolition expert in Ontario, trust in Hilcom Demolition. Certainly talk to all of us immediately.

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We will not be underbid. Just don't pay high fees merely because you couldn't discuss with us all. Think you were given an amazing cost currently? Why not be totally sure? Consult with all of us. You may just discover that we are most suitable company. Countless individuals have already.

Determining the demolition company to retain is a significant decision. Otp for a well informed plan. You should converse with us all with no commitment to find out yourself if we are truly the perfect demolition company for your situation.

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