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Hilcom provides all phases of selective interior demolition including utilities, walls, ceilings and floors.

Chimney Removal

Taking out a chimney is not something most people want to tackle. That’s where we come in!

Kitchen Demolition

Looking to refurbish your kitchen? Let the professionals at Hilcom demolish…

Garage Demolition

A fully-licensed and insured company, Hilcom can handle an extensive range of garage demolition requests.


Hilcom Demolition provides a demolition service you can trust!

Whether you’re an individual needing demolition, or a contractor who would like to regularly sub out this portion of the job, we can help.

We take pride in the work we do. Each and every job begins with a consultation to 100% nail down the parameters of the job. It goes without saying, that when it comes to demolition, you need to know from the beginning what’s going and what staying and everybody on the job site needs to fully understand the scope of the job. We take great care where great care is needed in order to remove what’s necessary, while leaving the rest intact and undamaged.

We can handle all the details for you from planning, to execution, to removal garbage and debris at competitive rates.

We can handle jobs at just about any size, from small to extremely large. Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone for a friendly conversation and to schedule a free quotation.


Recent Client Feedback

We’ve used Hilcom Demolition on four of our recent projects. Simple & plain, they make our lives a lot easier & I wish we’d found them sooner.

GTA General contractors
220 Duncan Mill R, Toronto ON

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Why Choose hilcom demolition?

Around hilcom demolition we really take being a demolition company extremely gravely. We all fully grasp that unquestionably any time folk are hunting to obtain an honest demolition company based in Ontario they prefer the finest. That's why all of us strive to be really the finest demolition company we all can possibly be within Ontario. It is our determination to truly remaining the standout that has earned us our high esteem with our own purchasers.

As an honest demolition company based in Ontario we likewise invariably strive to spend some time to listen to all our buyers questions with diligence and without waiting. We invariably go to the trouble. We feel it's really important to be certain clients feel valued and also cared for.

Now there are truly not so many demolition company which maintain the specific skill set plus know how to label their service as a leader in their industry. Combine that along with a high degree of purchaser services and certainly we really feel we are the greatest honest demolition company based in Ontario inside Ontario.

Just want to begin?

It gets underway with a call.

Phone 647 300 0774.

We will be pleased to go over all your current demolition company requirements at great length on the telephone or perhaps through email if perhaps this is better for you. Then we'll recommend the option that perfectly meets your situations circumstances. Find out precisely why folks call us the most effective honest demolition company based in Ontario!

Still Need Persuading? Some Other Arguments Why hilcom demolition is certainly An Honest Demolition Company Based In Ontario

Commitment to Elite Quality - An Honest Demolition Company Based In Ontario and An Honest Demolition Company Based In Ontario

Our devotion to high quality is actually exceedingly significant. If you're endeavoring to become an honest demolition company based in Ontario or an honest demolition company based in Ontario, there is certainly really not one other route but to give it your very best in order to exceed expectations. Whenever a particular consumer needs further work, we all afford this purchaser extra effort. Almost anything to be able to be positive they are very happy with all of us as a demolition company. Never forget, we do assistance most of Ontario, therefore don't hesitate to give us a call.

Determination - An Honest Demolition Company Based In Ontario and An Honest Demolition Company Based In Ontario

Our clientele have occasionally referred to our services as an honest demolition company based in Ontario, an honest demolition company based in Ontario, an honest demolition company based in Ontario and also the greatest Ontario headquartered demolition company you can find! This doesn't transpire unless there's unbelievably hard toil plus persistence for ones consumers and then the unparalleled quality of your work. If you might be shopping for an honest demolition company based in Ontario, we genuinely feel that we really are the very best selection. Contact hilcom demolition to go over the needs you have ASAP! 647 300 0774.

Experience - An Honest Demolition Company Based In Ontario and An Honest Demolition Company Based In Ontario

With any given landscape, skill is really a crucial ingredient when it comes to end results. When you are wanting an honest demolition company based in Ontario, well this can be far more correct. With being a demolition company, all of us will show anyone in person how the actual result is definitely decided by the previous experience of the organization you have been contracting. The excessively significant magnitude of expertise that hilcom demolition provides as an honest demolition company based in Ontario, is simply the reason an individual ought to believe in us for your important patronage. Whenever you're wanting for an honest demolition company based in Ontario, think about hilcom demolition. Please communicate with us all today.

Phone ASAP to Get a No Charge Assessment!

We refused to get underpriced. Never pay more merely because you couldn't inquire with us. Thinking you currently have an unbeatable rate currently? Why not be absolutely utterly assured? Talk with us here. You could just simply discover that we are indeed most suitable choice. Many people have already.

Figuring out the right demolition company to retain is a time-consuming decision. Otp for a well informed plan. You can talk with us all with zero commitment to uncover yourself if we all are in fact the most effective demolition company for your needs.

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